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Mushroom Mozzarella Panini

DSC_0021With Passover starting this week, we decided to use up some bread that was taking up space in the freezer. So Sunday night I whipped up some grilled Mushroom Mozzarella Paninis for a quick dinner.

I started by grilling portabella mushrooms on our grill pan for a DSC_0023 few minutes on each side. Next I spread some BBQ sauce on either side of the bread, topped it with some fresh basil leaves, and a thin slice of soy mozzarella. When the mushrooms were  soft and grilled, I placed them in the sandwiched which I then grilled whole for a few minutes. Voila! I enjoyed this sandwich paired with a spinach salad, while Funk ate it in the other room in the midst of his Fantasy Baseball draft. He did yell from the living room, “This is awesome!” Simple success! DSC_0026

I dined while reading Jillian Michael’s Master Your Metabolism book, which was recommended by my friend Nicole. I love Jillian Michaels, but was skeptical because she’s no dietitian, and I haven’t agreed with everything she’s said about food on the Biggest Loser. Here’s a little blurb about her book from Amazon.com:

Michaels (Making the Cut; Winning by Losing), the strength trainer for television’s The Biggest Loser, here addresses the influence that hormone balance—affected by estrogen, insulin, testosterone, cortisol, epinephrine, leptin, and others—has on weight loss. Various internal and external influences can cause hormones to over- or underproduce, resulting in not only weight gain but serious illness. Michaels’s plan emphasizes natural foods, organically grown and unprocessed. She describes which foods affect which hormones and how plastics and pollutants in our air and water and additives in many different products can also cause imbalances. She makes a good case for not using bioidentical hormones.

I’m just about finished the book and it is very informative, blunt and realistic, and has some darn good information about taking the crap out of our diets. It’s made me more aware of all the lurking plastic, hormones, and junk in our diets. Even my whole mushrooms I bought for the sandwich were wrapped in plastic on a styrofoam tray. Unnecessary! I’d recommend this book to anyone looking to clean up your diet, get your hormones in check, and all-around eat better. 


7 Responses

  1. Those paninis look great! who says you need cheese to make a good panini??i'm on the fence about Jillian. While i love that she promotes organic whole foods in her book and on biggest loser, she also promotes her diet pill, which is somewhat hypocritical. I'll still let her kick my butt in those ondemand workouts though!

  2. These paninis look great! I have 2 questions, one related to this post and one not… First, what brand of soy cheese do you use? I have a dairy allergy and have tried a few brands but haven't had much luck recently (the ones I've tried just don't melt right!).Second, unrelated, I made stuffed butternut squash last night but I think the squash came out under cooked – I've never cooked a large squash before. Do you have any advice on how to roast a squash?

  3. xx – I use the trader joes soy cheese (mozzarella or the shredded cheddar). They're not vegan since they contain casein, but it's as close as I can get without setting foot in whole foods! Casein is the ingredient in soy cheese that helps it melt, so it's a little tougher to find vegan cheese that also melts. I know people love Teese cheese but I don't think I've tried it.Whenever I have roasted whole squash, I usually cut it in half, scrape out the seeds, and roast it for at least an hour on 350 or so. I saw on your blog post you did 30-40 minutes, but you might need another 30 or so more. If you're cutting the squash, it takes a little less time to roast the pieces. Let me know how it works out next time!

  4. Mmmmm I love paninis. This one sounds super tasty.

  5. Yummy paninis!!!I thought that book was EXCELLENT – definitely a must read!

  6. Nice photos!!!

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